Our leadership has a pedigree in clinical medicine and experience in managing complex clinical trials. We know how to successfully integrate research into a medical practice, which helps us develop successful research sites. We can provide site assessment and site qualification services, and we bring hands-on peer-to-peer mentoring to our investigators.




Neurovations has a proven track record with industry leaders, mid-range companies and start-ups. We have managed medical device and pharmaceutical trials in all phases (I–IV) including first-in-man medical device trials, sham surgery trials, double-blinded and placebo controlled trials. 

Our patient-centered approach creates success in rapid enrollment and quality trial management. Our investigator training facility helps us provide an unparalleled synergy of clinical research capabilities for pain management and neuroscience trials.



We have developed our own detailed research on the demographics and referral patterns within our service area. Located within 45 minutes of 1.2 million San Francisco Bay Area residents, we can generate patient interest in a variety of pain and neurologic problems. We have an internally developed patient and referral database, and a proven, media based, but affordable recruitment strategy.



  • Napa Pain Institute 
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  • Napa Wound Healing Institute 
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  • Spine and Pain Center of Kauai 
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