About Neurovations Founder Eric Grigsby
How one physician and one organization seek to advance the pain management field through research, education and community engagement

Eric Grigsby, nationally-recognized pain care specialist, founded Neurovations to drive innovation in pain and neuroscience through education, clinical research, and community engagement.

An early leader in pain management, Grigsby has been shaping the field since the early 1990s, when he established the pain program at the University of California at Davis and helped to craft the earliest safe prescribing guidelines for the California Medical Board.

Grigsby then went on to establish his pain clinic—the Napa Pain Institute—where he and his dedicated staff are committed to treating their patients with compassionate, patient-centered care, aimed at helping patients with severe chronic pain.

Grigsby’s goal was to provide the best care for every patient, every day—but he realized that no matter how many hours he worked or how many physicians he brought on board at his practice, he could only reach a finite number of chronic pain patients directly through the Napa Pain Institute.

In his pursuit to further the field of pain management as a whole—and, ultimately, provide better treatments and therapies for patients across the world—Grigsby established Neurovations. Neurovations is a research- and education-focused organization which seeks to drive innovation in pain and neuroscience and advances new pain therapies and technologies for patients of the future.

Neurovations’ mission—"to drive innovation in pain and neuroscience”—is accomplished in three ways:

1.      Medical Education
Neurovations Education
Grigsby aims to cultivate and spread knowledge surrounding pain management by providing Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits on pain and by organizing summits and conferences for pain management professionals.

The education arm of Neurovations allows Grigsby and nationally-recognized faculty members to educate the medical community about new and existing treatment options, prescribing best practices, and other essential topics.    

2.     Clinical Research & Trials
Neurovations Clinical Research/Trials
Grigsby established the clinical research arm of Neurovations to work closely with the Napa Pain Institute (and now its newer sister practices The Spine and Pain Center of Kauai, and Redwood Pain Institute) to manage clinical trials for companies and match pain patients with innovative trials that best fit their needs.

Neurovations has a particular focus on non-opioid therapies, including neuromodulation devices and minimally-invasive surgeries—all of which continue to drive forward Grigsby’s goal of providing better pain treatment for every patient, every day.

3.     Support for Community Safety
N3 Laboratories
Grigsby also focused on advocating for safe prescribing best practices. This allows Grigsby and his peers in the medical community to protect the safety of their patients and community, and in doing so, protects the ability of patients for whom opioids are still the most effective, necessary option.

N3 Laboratories, a sister company to Neurovations, offers drug screening services for physicians and patients alike—and teaches clinicians how to address test results with patients to start crucial conversations about safety and well-being.

Neurovations also worked closely with community initiatives like the Napa Opioid Coalition to drive public policy and health programs toward their shared goal of improved patient and community safety.   

Through each of the three arms that make up Neurovations-education, research and community support-Grigsby is continuing to realize his goal of driving innovation in pain and neuroscience, to better support present and future patients, and the many public health and policy partners who share our vision of a future where every chronic pain patient receives the safest, most effective, and most compassionate care possible.